IT Infographic -Visual Info on Tech across Generations

The following link will take you to an infographic I created using

The idea behind the creation of this infographic is that I wanted to first define the different generations, then give several facts and statistics about technology and how the different generations are reported to view and use technology.

One important thing to note is how I arrived at the definition/range of years I included for each of the six generations. The beginning and end of each generation varied a bit depending on the website the information was included on. What I did for my infographic was gather the range of years from multiple sources (please see the bottom of this post for the sources I used for the information I’ve presented) and then selected the starting year and ending year that showed up the most often for each generation. That is the reason why you may notice there’s some overlap. Below is a simple table showing the year ranges of each generation according to the different sources I came across:


NOTE: Not every source I viewed had information about all 6 generations.

One less important thing I want to point out is the color scheme I tried to use. It could just be me, but when I think of what colors relate to technology, I think of green and blue. Hence, the reason why the main colors in the infographic (other than white) are different shades of green and blue. I think that turned out pretty well, what do you guys think?

Something else that should be noted in my infographic is more of an instruction. Unfortunately, the text in each of the circles under the “Positive & Negative Views of Technology” section came out super small and I wasn’t able to fix that. To find out the percentages and what the text in each circle says, hover your mouse on each one.

Coinciding with the feedback I received from my professor, I personally like the top half of my infographic more than the bottom half. If I get the chance to do so, I would like to somehow clean up the bottom half so that it doesn’t look so crowded. Still, for this being more first time using Venngage (or any type of online infographic making tool) I was happy with the amount of information I was able to depict.

The Golden Questions: Alright readers, other than improving the visibility and organization of the bottom half, what do you think of my infographic? Was it informative at all? Did you learn anything new from it? Do you think it would be worth it for me to create more infographics in the future?



Bryant, Steven Todd. “Technology Across Generations Is E-mail So Yesterday? Engaging The ‘Digital Native’ Students an Parents.” Microsoft PowerPoint file. University of Southern California. 2007-2008. Web. 04 Dec. 2016.

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2 thoughts on “IT Infographic -Visual Info on Tech across Generations

  1. Infographics are wonderful tools to quickly and simply convey related and/or complex information. They are probably most attractive to people who are image-oriented, and those who are a hybrid between image- and word-orientation. It is definitely worthwhile developing this skillset. While it may look easy to most, a good deal of effort went into summarizing and simplifying this data into graphics — well done!


    • Hello blogwinder2,

      I agree with you that infographics are great tools especially for those who are more image-oriented or those who are visual learners. As you said, it looks pretty easy to do, but it does take some time and effort to figure out a decent way to represent the data simply and visually. I definitely would love to develop this skillset. I appreciate it! Thanks for your comment!

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